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Surviving Chalice and the Return of DWTS

Okay. I am alive and I survived Chalice. Other than a couple of hickups during the day, which were promptly resolved, things went along swimmingly and then it was over.

Man, I am still exhausted. But it was fun.

In other news, Dancing with the Stars is back again, and it was guys' night. Much to my surprise, the athletes are really sucking this year. At any rate, here is my take on last night's performances:

• Aaron Carter (Former boy bander) & Karina: 32 = Dude reminds me of Cody Linley. He has potential, if he can stop being annoying.

• Donny Osmond (Self-explanatory) & Kym: 30 = Chalk one up for the performer's. He is so much fun, and one of my favorites. I don't think he's going home any time soon. A contender, definitely. (Three of my votes went to him.)

• Mark (Iron Chef dude) & Lacey: 29 = My favorite. I love this guy. Then again, I am a fan of Iron Chef, and he's a hoot. Plus he's fit and I am sure he'll do great. And he's got Lacey! This is going to be entertaining. Not to mention that these two will get Len's panties in a bunch. (Another three of my votes went to him too.)

• Louie (Snowboarding kid) & Chelsie: 27 = He's adorable, although he can't dance worth crap. Before Bruno mentioned it, I had told ballistabob that the kid looked like a hobbitt. He may stick around for a while. He's so adorable. Lord of the Rings fans are going to vote for him, as will teeny boppers.

• Chuck (Mixed martial arts guy) & Anna T.: 22 = Good gravy! He's adorable in an elephant stomping daisies sort of way. Or maybe Magilla Gorilla. I must admit that I sent a vote his way, just because I could. He's one of my guilty pleasures.

• Tom de Lay (Fallen Republican Majority Leader) & Cheryl: 20 = Okay, all I have to say is that Bob and I almost fell off the couch laughing as this man outdanced the Footballer, the Mixed Martial Arts guy, and the professional snowboarder. I think that Len doesn't want him to stick around, but I believe he will. I am not ashamed to admit that I tossed a vote his way. Who would have thunk that it would take DWTS to have me voting for a Republican?

• Ashley Hamilton (Son of George Hamilton) & Edyta: 19 = He needs to go home. Really. 'Nuff said. (Although I will be sorry to see Lady Legwarmers go so soon.)

• Michael Irvin (Football dude) & Anna D.: 19 = I believe that this guy will stick around for a while despite his abysmal dancing last night. He's got the personality, and he may yet have the moves. I believe he might have done better if he had been paired with a more experienced trainer, but such is life. But he's got his fans, and I believe he may yet surprise us. He's definitely very likeable.

So, who do you think will go home next Wednesday?

Poll #1461213 Tuesday Death Pool (DWTS Guys)

Who do you think it's going home on Wednesday?

Aaron Carter & Karina
Donny Osmond & Kym: 30
Mark (Iron Chef dude) & Lacey
Louie (Snowboarding kid) & Chelsie
Chuck (Mixed martial arts) & Anna T.
Tom de Lay (Fallen Republican) & Cheryl
Ashley Hamilton (George's son) & Edyta
Michael Irvin (Football dude) & Anna D.
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