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Ah, Kids!

My kids have always had a way to make me laugh.

So today ballistabob and me went the boy's new apartment to deliver the last pieces of furniture that had been left behind at out place. While Bob had been there before, I had not. That meant that I got the tour to the premises. A very proud Son No.1 showed us around before being joined by Son No. 2.

It is a very nice place, and it has a balcony that rivals in size the one we had at our old condo.

It is also on a third floor and has a very nice view of an open field from said balcony.

"Look Mom!" Says Son No. 1 proudly. "Isn't it a great view? And the sun sets right there! It's spectacular in the late afternoon!"

"And watch this!" Says Son No. 2. "I can spit from here and it's three floors below! Isn't it cool!"


And to think that Son No.1 had been like Bart Simpson once. Now he's all grown up, and his brother has turned into Homer.

At least for now.

Can't wait what Young Homer's view will be in a couple of years.

Hopefully, it won't involve spitting three floors down.

Stay tuned...
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