belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Chalice of the Sun God VI: Leda's Twins Schedule

Welcome to Chalice of the Sun God VI: Leda’s Twins

Presented by the Barony of Ponte Alto
September 18th to 20th

5:00 pm Set-up Begins
6:00 pm Troll Opens (Hall)
11:00 pm Troll Closes

9:30 am Troll opens (Ball Field)

10:00 am Authorizations begin

11:00 am Team Registration closes
Armored Double Elimination Tourney begins
Rapier Double Elimination Tourney begins
A&S Competition begins
Performing Arts Competition begins
Archery Shoot begins

12:30 pm Children's Corner Opens

1:00 p.m. Youth Armored Combat begins
Youth Rapier begins

2:00 p.m. Armored Bear Pit Tourney begins
Rapier Bear Pit Tourney begins

2:30 pm Children's Corner Closes
A&S closes – pickup entries

3:30 pm Challenger/Champion matches begin: Rapier, Armored, Youth,Performing Arts, A&S

4:00 pm Troll Closes

5:00 pm Court (Ball field if Sunny, Hall if Rainy)

6:30 pm Feast

After Feast Clean up of Feast Hall

Clean up finishes and everyone off site by 10:00 am.
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