belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

I am not dead yet

In fact, I feel happy. I think I will go out for a walk.

At any rate, Labor Day weekend was productive and a lot of fun. Who would have thunk that going shopping for bed and bath stuff, and hitting the sales, with my eldest son would be so much fun? I can do this again any time.

My youngest has officially moved out as of Saturday. Yeah, he had left last week, but his bed and the rest of his bedroom still needed to be transported to his new place. Kid couldn't wait to sleep in his own place so he had managed with an inflatable mattress in the meantime. But all of his stuff, except for a couple of pieces that could not fit in the truck, is gone, and now we are debating what to do with all the space.

The first order of business will be ripping the carpets out and painting. My long suffering husband is already afraid of the colors I am going to pick. And that's half the fun...


Labor Day we had a full house, barbecue, and loads of fun. We had thought originally of doing it outside, but with the threat of rain we all ended up indoors. Sometimes I still get amazed at the fact that there can be about 20 of us, plus the cat, in the living and dining room. It gets a bit cozy but we can still fit everyone.

(On a side note allasondrea's cranberry cookies are truly evil. So are norse_isabel's almond-bacon dates and blue cheese endives.)

Today is back to work, and Thursday begins my rush season. Luckily, I have everything Chalice related in check, and everything should run smoothly. (Or so I hope.)

And now, back to the salt mines.

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