belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

So we want to go to the Folger's Shakespeare Museum to see the "Luxury Goods in England, 1580-1680" this Saturday, but it is going to depend on various things. Otherwise, I will have to give it a skip.



Last night was reasdream's turn at the Belfebe's 12th Night Costuming Shop. I had fit a mock-up for her, but she was worried that the actual bodice was too small and did not close well. This was indeed the case. However, once we attached the temporary lacing strips>, the bodice fit her like a charm.

Temporary lacing strips are wonderful things. They consist on 4 strips of canvas with some metal eyelets. You baste them to your gown so they can simulate where your actual eyelets are going to be, and how your bodice will behave when laced. I highly recommend them.

So in the end, disaster was averted and much fun was had by all. I can't wait to see reasdream's final product at 12th Night.

Also, progress on the akgnome's gown is being made. Tonight I pick up the rest of the boning I need for her gown. Didn't have time to do it yesterday so today is G Street Fabrics day. (Oh, the pain!)

I am armed and dangerous.

There is fabric to be had, and I've got a coupon.

And like I've always said, I can resist anything except for temptation.


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