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Yet another Pennsic report.

This year we had the smallest encampment ever. There were only six of us. Nevertheless, it was the most Zen encampment ever, although we did miss all who could not make it this year. Bugs were a pain during land grab weekend, but they seemed to die out by War Week. Some ants and the occasional June beetle, but that was it. Thank god for small favors.

  • Mad Hatter Tea Party
  • Girls Day Out on Tuesday
  • Bartering with Alina (I swear, we dress each other)
  • Playing Pirate Dice with the gang
  • Exploding marshmallows*
  • Bacon breakfast at Ravenstreet
  • Field Rapier War Point
  • Doing the Macarena to the bagpipes
  • The Atlantian 5 Man**
  • Black Pearl Iced Tea at Your Inner Vagabond
  • Spending time with friends
  • Atlantian Fundraiser (Roxy did a fabulous job as the auctioneer!)
  • Folks getting cool awards at Atlantian Court
  • A totally drama-free encampment

  • Bugs
  • Rain
  • Smelly laundry
  • Some friends running into health issues and/or injury (they're doing okay, but still)
  • See above

  • Socks!
  • Pennsic t-shirt
  • Some nifty, inexpensive sparklies
  • Viking era turtle shells from Raymond's Quiet Press
  • Loads of thread
  • Period hooks and eyes from Kass
  • A really interesting book on the history of make-up
  • A nice late-period "B" from Drachestein Treasures (had the winning bid at the fundraiser)
  • Oh! And a "Disgruntled Minion" mug for my trusty apprentice, geoffreyapclwyd.

    I think that's it for shopping. ballistabob, of course, got me a nice intaglio amber Laurel medallion from Darkridge Jewels, and humored me in my new Viking era hobby with two really cool pieces to add to a necklace that will complement an apron dress (an earspoon and a key). He rocks.

    I am sure I am forgetting stuff, but that will come later in other postings. I am still uploading pics, so I will be posting the links later.

    Belfebe out.

    * Wal-Mart marshmallows are almost inedible, but they make terrific firestarters.
    ** We were so Zen about the Atlantian 5 Man that we went from the Angry Seabass to the Slightly Irritated Seabass. And we kicked some serious butt. We have concluded that no one in our team is allowed to get a White Scarf for the foreseeable future. Only two WS are allowed per team and we already have two. A third would scramble wour team. And we can't have that, can we?
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