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GFD Success and Lessons Learned

I now have a new gothic fitted dress. Yay!

And hey, chargirlgenius, I can even raise my arms in it! Whoot!

Things I have learned from my first GFD:


1. Read the instructions. Not because you are a kickass costumer in other centuries that means that you will automatically know how this one should be put together.

2. Stitch the gores before putting the gown together. It makes it easier. (See above.)

3. Do NOT bag line the bloody thing. It's a lot easier to fit when it's flat lined. Especially if you have lost a significant amount of weight since you first got it fitted.

4. If you are going to bag line it, do NOT line it only to the hips. That makes sense if you flat line it, but when it's bag lined it's a pain in the ass to get in and out of the bloody thing and then you have to spend extra time straighting out said lining. (I know that some folks prefer the bag-line-to-the-hip method, but I just found it uncomfortable.)

5. Remember to reinforce the inside of the bodice, where the eyelets will be, with a strip of silk or other sturdy material. The lining helps, but the strip reinforcement will give you a more solid and stronger line of eyelets. They will lie smoother too. And it's period.

And I think that's it. All things considered, the gown fits like gangbusters, especially for it being my first one. PLUS ballistabob went all hubba hubba when I tried it on.

As for the center of the bust line, the difference due to my lopsidedness in the real estate department is barely noticeable. And since I will be throwing a hood on top, you can't even tell.

It looks really good.

And now, back to the document from Hell. Must meet this deadline before I leave.

Belfebe out.



Jul. 29th, 2009 04:25 pm (UTC)
Dunno - I'll bet you can get Jeff to go all hubba hubba at you too... :-D

So it's a Bob and a Jeff thing! ROTFL!!!

You could always go back and tack the lining to the dress at the seams, at least in the hip area

I've been thinking about that. I think I will do it after Pennsic, when I am not in such a hurry. But my next one will definitely be flat lined. We learn something new every day!
Jul. 29th, 2009 07:55 pm (UTC)
I bet I can make the Navigator go "Hubba hubba" when I finish mine. Therefore, it is definitely a Bob and a Jeff thing :-)

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