November 22nd, 2011

Carmen Miranda/Groucho Marx

DWTS - The Finale!!!

Last night, the final three couples executed two dances each, including the much awaited free style.

And here's how they did:

  • Rob K and Cheryl Burke: Yes, Rob, I dub thee Seabiscuit. He and Cheryl are now on the top of the leaderboard, and if the others don't watch out, they could take the mirrorball trophy right from under their noses. Their waltz was very pretty, and although not perfect, it was incredibly enjoyable. Their freestyle was very nice, and very retro. It was also probably the most challenging dance they've had done all season. They were having fun with it and it paid off. I must admit that Rob has been growing on me - like fungus. (Marcellus says that there is a cream for that, BTW.) At any rate, I think that he has been earning his fan club not because he's a Kardashian, but despite being one. And, who doesn't like an underdog? He's still not my favorite to win, but he may yet surprise us.

  • Ricky and Derek: They did a very complex cha-cha. Somehow, I felt that it lacked something, and I can't point my finger at what it is. It sort of lacked some sizzle, and a cha-cha is supposed to be smoking. But it was good enough for nines. I agreed with the judges on that one. Their free style was also full of tricks, and technically complicated, but it's like they were off just a little bit. Again, enough for nines, but not for tens. I liked their attitude though. But it's like their heart was not 100% there, and the winner is usually the one who wants it the most.

  • JR and Karina: I loved them. Okay, their cha-cha was a bit off, but on the other hand it smoked the ballroom. The judges gave them an 8-7-9, which was all over the place. However, when it came to the free style, they redeemed themselves and then some. If you ask me for one word to describe it, it would be scary. Really. They gave it their all, and it paid off. They may not be at the top of the leaderboard, but I am sure that they will make it up in votes. If you ask me who won the free style, that would be them. Hands down. Now, if they don't choke up tonight, there's a good chance they'll win. But watch out for Seabiscuit. He's out there, stealing your mirrorball!

    Photo credit: ABC

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    Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke
    Ricky Lake and Derek Hough
    JR Martinez and Karina Smirnoff