May 24th, 2011


Dancing with the Stars Recap: Finale Part I

Well, boys and girls, after two weeks of silence, we're baaaaack with Dancing with the Stars. Liiiiiiveeee!!!!

Anywho, it was the Finale (Part I) of a season that has been exciting due to the lack of ringers. Barring the "Winner Takes All" gimmick from two weeks ago, designed to keep some of the most skilled dancers in the competition as opposed to less skilled crowd favorites, everything went swimmingly.

And speaking of the "Winner Takes All" little gimmick (which from now on we shall call the "Bristol Palin Rule"), while I understand the concern of the judges that sometimes the best dancers get voted off in favor of the aforementioned crowd favorites, and while Bristol drove me nuts and I mourned losing Macks and Brandy, I am cool with the fact that if that's what people want to see, that's exactly what the show should give them.

DWTS is more than a dancing competition. It's a popularity contest and it's up to the contestants to charm the audience and work for those votes. So if in this season people wanted Kirstie, Hines and Ralph in the finals, they should have gotten Kirstie, Hines and Ralph.

Then again, it's only a tv show and Chelsea and Mark gave some very good performances.

Having said that, let's move on to our review of the night, shall we?

Every couple did two dances. The first one was Judges' Choice, and the second the much anticipated Freestyle. As we all know, whoever wins the Freestyle, wins the competition.

I know who won my vote last night. Let's see what happens tonight.

Moving on.

Chelsea and Mark:

  • Judges' Choice = Samba: Their samba was actually a lot of fun, and Chelsea looked amazing with those fringed pants and fringed sleeves. Like everything that they have been doing this season, the dance was young and full of energy. What lacked for me was actual samba rolls and booty shaking. I am sorry, but no one shakes their booty like Kendra Wilkinson. From that point of view, I feel that Kendra's was a better samba and she and Louie didn't get any 10's. But this one was great fun and earned them 29 points. A Good start for the night.

  • Freestyle = This was a hip-hop kind of dance in typical Ballas style, exciting, creative, full of lifts, tricks, and battery operated lighted sneakers and gloves. Sadly, Chelsea's sneakers decided to go out, so only Mark's shoes got the neon treatment during the entire thing. This also meant that you could clearly see Mark while Chelsea danced pretty much un the dark. And if you paid close attention to her feet, you could catch every single mistake.

    It was a good, fun dance, but nowhere near the hip-hop freestyle that won the mirrorball tropy to Julianne Hough and Apolo Ohno; or even Kyle Massey and Lacey's runner up Tootsie Roll Freestyle from last season. If you're going to do hip-hop, you need to take those into account and top them. Just sayin'.

    But it was a really cool dance and it earned them tree 10's. I am sure that a lot of people enjoyed it a lot. As a matter of fact, I did too and I do hope that they use it as an encore tonight so that we can watch it as originally intended and without any wardrobe malfunctions.

    Kirstie and Maks:

  • Judges Choice: Samba = Maks and Kirstie's samba was a lot different from Chelsea and Mark. For one thing it was slower, but it did feature the samba rolls and much better bootie shaking. On the down side, Chelsea's dance seemed a lot more fun and energetic. From a technical point of view, I think that Kirstie's was better. But hey, they got three 9's so it's all good.

  • Freestyle = It was an awesome little number to Pink's "F*****g Perfect." Lifts! Aerials! Excitment! Who would have thounk that Kirstie Alley could do a cartwheel? I know that I can't. Not without breaking my neck that is. And kudos to Maks for training this woman. This man is a freaking genius. Plus, it's not the same to lift little Chelsea as to lift Kirstie Alley. And they both looked amazing. It got them three 9's. I wasn't expecting the judges to give them more than that, but who cares. It was one of the best performances of the season. Plus seeing them interact is incredibly too much fun. No wonder they are the crowd's favorites. I love them.

    Hines and Kym:

  • Judges Choice: Quickstep = Can you say "Puttin' on the Ritz"? Kym is an amazing choreographer and the chemistry between her and Hines is unbelievable. This woman deserves a medal just by sticking to the grueling schedule despite being injured. Watching her practice with a neck brace broke my heart. Watching her dance without it filled me with joy. And other than the fact that Young Frankenstein has ruined Puttin' on the Ritz for me forever (what with automatically picturing Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle every time it starts playing), this is one of my all time favorite show tune. They looked amazing and it earned them 29 points.

  • Freestyle = How can I describe this? I had never seen anyone dancing to a marching band. The inspiration was all those half time shows that Hines can never watch on account of being in the locker room. He came out dressed like a marching band dude and she like some sort of cheerleader. The routine was very complicated, yet original, fresh and fun. And the tricks! I still can't believe that she'd go for all of those dangerous throws despite her injuries! To me, in terms of originality, fun and difficulty, it was the best dance of the night. They got three 10's.

    So, who do you think will win the Mirrorball Trophy? The young guns, Mark and Chelsea? Fan faves Kirstie and Maks? Or the awesome Hines and Kym?

    Tune in tonight to find out. In the meantime, you can kill some productivity by clicking on this totally pointless survey.

    ~Belfebe out.

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