January 23rd, 2011

Buddy Baroness

Ponte Alto Investiture

Yesterday, we attended Ponte Alto Investiture. It was great fun and we got the chance to hang out with friends we had not seen in quite a while. I love these events in which you can actually sit down and socialize and catch up with friends.

I also took a bunch of pictures. Amazingly, they did come up rather well despite the lack of light and the fact that I was using no flash. Honestly, I prefer not to use a flash in these kinds of circumstances. They sort of detract from the spirit of the thing, and they can be obnoxious.

Of course, the price to pay is photos of not very good quality.

This was not the case, thank goodness.

At any rate, here's the link to the pics in case you want to check them out. You can also download those you like. While I frequently protect some kinds of pictures or program them to only give low resolution versions, when it comes to SCA pics, I don't mind folks downloading what they want including the originals. Besides, these events provide me with great practice for lowlight or action photography. Who can ask for more?

Plus I like to make people happy.

So there.