September 1st, 2010

Swedish Chef

Top Chef Fantasy Game Top Three

Well boys and girls,

Top Chef DC has been going on for a while, and now it's up to the last 5 contestants.

Okay, so I haven't blogged about Top Chef this season, and this is not for lack of interest, but for lack of time. At any rate, if you have not tuned in yet, do it tonight. It's almost the finals and it's been no end of fun.

Since I am so late in the game, instead of who's going home tonight, I want to do a "Fantasy Game Top Three," this time. So pick the three that you think will make the cut. If one or more of your faves get eliminated tonight, we re-do it next week. So there.

And by the way, contratulations Top Chef on your Emmy for outstanding competition reality program. Hooray!

So who are your three picks for top three? I know who mine are...

Poll #1613666 Top Chef Fantasy Top Three

So who are your picks for Fantasy Top Three?

Coffee - Kill Bill

Oh, LJ. Please say it ain't so!

Okay, whoever came up in LJ with this idea of reposting comments to Facebook and Twitter was on crack. Particularly since you, the poster, do not have the option to opt out of that.

In my case, most of my entries are public. I very seldom filter anything. However, I do have a number of private (for my eyes only) entries, which are available to no one but me. Yet, I checked in those entries, and lo and behold, the repost comments via FB and Twitter are mocking me from there.

WTF? No, it's not like I am going to post comments to myself. But this is simply ridiculous.

I do hope that after the whole foo and wah that has resulted from this ill concocted idea, LJ will come to its senses and fix this thing. Otherwise, this is going to backfire on them really bad.

In the meantime, I just want you to know that I have no intention of using that feature in mine or anyone else's journal, and I do expect the same courtesy back. (Not that I need to say that, since I know that none of my friends will do it, but I just felt that I needed to get it out of my chest.)

And now, back to the salt mines.

Belfebe out.