August 27th, 2010

Fo' Shizzle

Project Runway!

Soooo, I have not been posting about the new season of Project Runway. What with Pennsic Panic and madness at work.

Did you miss me?

I didn't think so.

At any rate, things are getting muy caliente at this point and it's time for me to start posting polls and other fun stuff.

So last week we had Crazy Hat week, with some interesting little numbers by mad hatter legendary milliner Philip Treacy. Taking into consideration the craziness of the hats, the runway featured interesting little numbers that went from unforgettable diapers, to Grecian hanky hemmed skirts.

Ooooeeee!!! Let the Green Eyed Monster visit and the backstabbing begin! Apparently, a number of designers slammed poor Michael C., the winner, poh-pooing his winning Grecian dress. (Jealous much?)

The best line was by Poison Ivy, who by the way had designed a drunken mother-of-the-bride dress, and who said: "What? Michael wins while Gretchen and I don't?"

Don't flatter yourself girl. Really. You were lucky that there were diapers and other monstrosities on the runway or your ass would have been sent home too. As for Gretchen, bless her soul, as talented as she appears to be, her stuff has been gradually becoming a snoozefest ever since she won the first two challenges. And the worst part is that she hasn't even noticed...

But I digress.

Let's go to last night's episode. Collapse )

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