August 18th, 2010

rapier-Touche Turtle

Rambling on a Rainy Monday after Pennsic

Well, I am back from Pennsic and back at work. And as you can imagine, after a week of leave, it's been rather crazy.

But I'm back and that's what counts.

Pennsic was loads of fun, as usual, although I wish that it had cooled off at night. It is no fun having a firepit ready to rock and roll (or at least roast some yummy marshmallows), and the evening being too hot and humid to be anywhere near a fire.

Oh, well.

Other than that, the fighting was good, and the shopping surprisingly plentiful, although I am still kicking myself because I thought that the Arts and Sciences Exhibit would be on Tuesday. Alas, as I later found out, it was on Monday and I had missed it. So no pictures. Pity. From other folks pics, I can tell that it was a lot of fun.

And speaking of pictures, I did not take as many as I have taken in previous years. However, I will be posting them as soon as I can navigate the ACDSee Beta photo editing program for Mac. Probably this weekend.

You see, the good news is that I got my iMac back at the beginning of the summer. It is a beautiful machine, fast and sleek. The bad news is that I was used to all Windows programs, and there is a learning curve. And no, please don't get me started with the iPhoto program. It doesn't do what my old ACDSee Pro does. But there is an ACDSee Pro Beta for the Mac, and I am still futzing around with it.

I have also downloaded the demo version of Adobe Photoshop Elements for Mac, but I dislike this version just as much as I dislike the Windows one. So there.

Anywhoo, I spent the entire weekend beating mounds and mounds of Pennsic stinky laundry into submission. I think that there were new forms of life lurking in there. Or maybe the entire mess had developed sentience inside those hampers and was trying to take over the world.

But I took care of the menace, and now my laundry is sheepishly looking back at me from my closet and my drawers.

Take that stinky laundry!

And that's it for now.

Work is calling me back, and later on tonight, I shall plop down on my couch to watch a marathon of "Ru Paul's Drag U," much to my long suffering husband's despair.

Then again, Top Chef is tonight, so maybe Ru Paul will have to wait.

Belfebe out.