belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Attention 18th and 19th Century Enthusiasts!

The Daughters of the American Revolution Museum has a nifty exhibit called Seven Deadly Sins: Fables and Early American Temptations. Since the museum is almost caddy corner to my office, I swinged (swung?) by two days ago at lunch time, and had the chance to look at part of it. I did not have much time to spend at the exhibit because I had to rush back for a meeting, but since it is so close and it is FREE, I can go back some other day.

At any rate, the exhibit is very nifty, and it features a selection of various objects and period clothing, including a men's jacket, a corset, and a woman's shift. There may be more clothing, but I will have to find out on the second round.

Photography is not permitted, as it is standard for this sort of thing, but the exhibit is worth a visit.

Just sayin'
Tags: costuming, museums

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