January 30th, 2009

Silver Screen-Dietrich Can't Have

Randomosity on a Friday, and a new Survey

Well, it is Friday and the sun is finally shining.

Okay, it's still freaking cold, but the sun shines, so all is good.

Today, because I've got nothing really interesting to say, I will regale you with yet another survey. This time it's Blonde Guilty Pleasures. Yes, boys and girls, we all have guilty pleasures and blond pop singers are particularly evil for this kind of malady.

Personally, my favorite is Pink. Anyone else can sing anything they want, but Pink speaks to me. Besides, no one can drive a tractor in the middle of Rodeo Drive, set her hair in fire, or convince her ex-husband to appear in her video like Pink. She definitely cracks me up. And she has the talent to boot.

Britney Spears: Nothing says star power like Britney. Say whatever you want, but when that girl smiles at the camera, it's all over. She can go crazy all over the place, shave her head, and attack cars with umbrellas. But put her in a music video, and it's like all the stars lit up just for her. The fact that she can't carry a tune in a bucket is inconsequential. I think that there are more Britney fans out there than meets the eye, for the simple reason that most people will eat their sweaty running socks before admitting that they like her.

Christina Aguilera: When it comes to voice, nobody beats old Christina. And going Old Hollywood was a very cunning move. She really can pull it off, although I sort of miss her "Dirrrrty" days. Her songs are not as catchy as Britney's, and do not speak to me like Pink's. But she's got talent, no doubt.

Jessica Simpson: Got to give the girl some credit. She's been able to remain in the public eye despite the fact that, like Britney, she can't really sing. However, she has made a career out of being the "hot, dumb blonde," who is not as dumb as she seems. On the other hand, other than the remake she did of "These Boots are made for Walking," I cannot recall a single hit from her. Not that she didn't have them, but they are as forgettable as yesterday's lunch. I can also understand the whole hoopla at her gaining weight. Normally, I would frown at people for mentioning it. But when your entire career consists on you strutting around in a bikini, if you don't stay in shape people are gonna notice. (And no, contrary to what her sister says, I don't believe she's a size 2.) But I love her commercials, and her shoe and handbag line is fabulous and affordable.

Gwen Stefani: I love her. I loved her more when she was with No Doubt but then, there's no helping it. I believe that she has a unique voice, and she's another one with star power to boot. Pity that a lot of her recent hits are more infomercials about her L.A.M.B. line of clothing and accessories than real music. But I still get hooked into her BANANA song every single time.

So what do you think? Who is your guilty pleasure?

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Who is your favorite blonde guilty pleasure?

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