September 17th, 2008

Silver Screen - Dietrich Point?

Cameras Revisited

For the first time in about 10 days, I feel relaxed and ready to go.

After having missed my workouts (but not my walks) Monday and Tuesday, I peeled myself off from bed at the butt crack of dawn and dragged myself to the gym. Given the circumstances, I decided to do a simple yet challenging upper body workout consisting mainly on lifting heavy for few repetitions on each body part, do it in a circuit, rinse, repeat.

Unsophisticated, yet satisfying.

This type of routine is what I call a "slam, bam, thanks Ma'am" workout, but it does the job. Most importantly, I don't even have to think about it, and it kicks my butt.

And this is what is funny about fitness. Once your body gets used to the exercise, if you decide to become a couch potato even for a day, your body will scream in anguish "Where's the beef?"

Or in this case "Where are the dumbells?"

But I digress . . .

The purpose of today's post was not fitness (for a change), but photography. It seems that I have gotten addicted to it, and I can't help it. Currently, I am seriously considering trading up my Canon Powershot S3 for something else. The thing is, I am not sure yet what I'm going to get, but it appears that everything I like is going to run me into serious money.

There is nothing wrong with my Canon, but I really want a camera that can take different kinds of lenses and that can give me more options. This model is wonderful and easy to use, but cannot take other types of lenses.

The funniest thing? I bought it for $303.00 last year, and not it's being marketed at at $698. Unless, of course, you want to buy a used one, in which case you will pay $220. Go figure.

At any rate, I am undecided on whether to sell my Canon and apply that money to my next camera, or keep the Canon and buy another camera all the same. I will have to put money away for that as I have many other things to consider, such as the trip to Italy. Therefore, no new camera for now.

But I'm taking Marcellus' Fuji to Florence. That one is a kickass camera that takes pictures like no other. I will make a decision when I come back. And of course, should I decide to keep the Canon, that would mean that I would now own four cameras, plus the one I would be buying. And that doesn't count Marcellus' Fuji.

Is this normal?

Oh, well. I never said that there was anything normal about me. Guess I will have to deal with that.


Firefly favorite quotes (thank you Justus!):

Jayne: (calls out from across the room) "Can I start gettin' sexed already?"

Mal: "Well, that's one kind of horrific."

And my other most favorite, from the scene with Mal and the rapier fight:

Harrow: "You didn't have to wound the man."

Mal: "Yeah, I know, it was just funny."

Seems that Captain Tight Pants finds wounding people just as cheerful as I do. Especially after a rough day.