May 29th, 2008


Thoughts on a Thursday

Ohhhh, nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! is having its dupioni silk on sale! 30% off. Gah! And since Denver Fabrics online got sold out, has the best selection in colors and quality in silks out there.

You know what this means. Bel will have to be very strong to resist temptation.

You see, my sewing room features various yummy assortments of silks that I have not even touched yet. But a little voice in my head says "Buy more! You know you want it!"

And I say, like Amy Winehose when told to go to rehab, "No! No! No!"

So like a good girl (almost), I will try to behave and resist the temptation.

That's why I'm passing the temptation to you. If I'm going to agonize over this, I will not do it alone.


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Last but not least, thank you so very much to those folks that have been friending me lately. I really appreciate it, and my little ego feels wonderful to feel so liked. Thank you! I have made a bunch of new and awesome friends through LJ and I am looking forward to making your acquintance too!

On the other hand, I humbly apologize if I don't friend back all of you guys automatically. I really would like to do that and I used to do that all the time. However, I am realizing that it is impossible for me to keep up with everyone's journals at the same time. That doesn't mean that I don't want to be your friend or that I won't go visit your journal and freak you out by dropping you a comment. It only means that I will use the link from my Profile page to visit you as opposed to have it pop automatically on my friends page.

Also, whevever you can, drop me a note with your SCA or mundane name. Sometimes it is hard for me to figure out who you are based on LJ handle name and profiles. I will appreciate that very much. :-)

And with that, I shall return to my regularly scheduled activities.