May 19th, 2008

Death-Neil Gaiman

The Tudor Tailor Shirt Pattern Review

Still a bit under the weather, although I did manage to get some things accomplished during the weekend.

Purchased paint for the sewing room = Check
Spackled some spots in the sewing room = Check
Finished putting together Marcellus' shirt = Check
Spent a lot of time in my pajamas = Check
Drank a lot of water and tea = Check

And no, the sewing room did not get painted. I thought about it, and then I went back to sleep. So sue me.

And speaking of shirts, here is the review on the Tudor Tailor's shirt pattern. (Book version.)

Like I had mentioned before, the instructions are rather iffy and, unless you have dealt with gussets before, it can be very confusing. To add to the confusion, I am used to Mistress Gamble's shirt pattern, which features a different kind of neck and underarm gussets and which are placed differently than the ones from the Tudor Tailor.

Having said that, once you put it together, it is a beautiful shirt, and one with a more period look and cut than that the pattern I have been using. One caveat: The proportions are mucking huge. This shirt worked very well for ballistabob because he is a big guy. However, if I had tried to use it for myself using the measurements in the book, the shirt could have doubled off as a parachute. I believe that you can fit two Belphoebes comfortably in that shirt as it stands.

In other words, if you are a woman or a smaller man, take a couple of inches off the sides and adjust the gussets accordingly.

** Note: Do not try to shorten the shoulders by adding tucks. That only makes the shirt pull and feel uncomfortable. It will have a rather low shoulder seam anyway. Leave it alone.

At any rate, the shirt looks great, and my sweetie loves it. He says that it is the most comfortable thing since . . . I don't know, probably the last set of venetians I made for him.

And now, you know.