May 8th, 2008

Carmen Miranda/Groucho Marx

I'm Baaaack!

I just came back a couple of hours ago.

I am very tired, but very happy. From the work part of the trip, everything went swimmingly. And happily, I even had a chance to see the sights by day.

For those who travel for work, you will know what I'm talking about that usually one tends to keep vampire hours. Work like crazy all day, and see whatever you can at night. You are really lucky if you can steal some day time hours to visit the town.

I was lucky enough to have Wednesday afternoon free, which I took advantage of, and went to visit the Half of the World monument and town.

More stuff later. For now, this is my favorite picture of all, of me standing on the Eastern side of the Half of the World monument.

Latitude: 00°00‘26" S
Longitude: 78°25‘44‘‘ W

I'll post more tomorrow, when I get my brain back.