March 13th, 2008


Of Fitness, Rapier, Newcomers and other Musings

A real post today, and one that does not involve the secret sex life of bugs.

Imagine that!

I have finally got myself to watch American Idol again. Since last season left me underwhelmed (really, really boring contestants that crop), it took me a while to get interested this time around. However, since there were 12 finalists left, I decided to jump in and see what's cookin'.

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Last but not least, I will be arriving late at Bloodbath on account of having to attend a funeral mass on Saturday.

However, there is a friend of my Dark Child who will be attending his first honest-to-goodness SCA event ever (other than Pennsic). His name is Alan, and he will be wearing a kilt and perhaps a furry cloak. He is a bit concerned about the "SCA Fashion Police" as he doesn't currently own any period clothing. I have told him that he has nothing to worry about and that he will be welcome.

So here is the favor I want to ask from you guys: Do you think that you can keep an eye on him and make him feel welcome? Like I said, I will be late (if I can arrive at all), and I would not like for him to fall through the cracks. I would really appreciate this very much.

And with this, I shall go back to the salt mines.

I can hear the whips cracking . . .