July 20th, 2007

Death-Neil Gaiman

Friday and Pennsic

For some reason, I always find inspiration to post on Fridays.

Perhaps it is the anticipation of the weekend. Perhaps it's the moon. Or pernaps I like to post on Fridays just because I can, even when I have no idea what I am going to talk about.

Okay, for one thing, I have been sort of productive and have submitted two class proposals for Atlantia University: a) Life in France in the 16th Century; and b) How to organize a Pennsic encampment.

Oh! And I may be helping Edward teach a class on Historic Martial Arts as well if his class proposal is accepted. (It promises to be a lot of fun. I will be his minion.)

No rest for the wicked . . .

And speaking of no rest for the wicked, I have decided not to stress myself more than I have to this Pennsic. It is, after all, our last Pennsic as Baronage of Ponte Alto, and I do have high hopes to thoroughly enjoy it.

With any luck, I will be able to have a new doublet to wear with the pink dress of Super-Pinkness. (So okay, maybe I won't wear it during the day -- what with Pennsic usually being unbearably hot -- but I think that it will look awesome in the evening!)

Also, this year I have vowed to make it to Your Inner Vagabond and sample their awesome coffee. Last year I was so horribly busy that I never even had time to make it to the marketplace other than to swoosh in and out at one of the fabric merchants, and at Armlann 30 minutes before getting in the truck and drive back home. (The humanity!)

Other stuff to do? Other than poking at people and lobbing stuff at them at battles, we need to start looking for new coronets for when we step down. I also need to purchase more linen thread, pick up my new boots and shoes from Armlann, and hunt for interesting fabrics.

Oh! And a new goblet from Eadric if there are any left by the time I get there. I am thinking that a smaller, lighter vessel, may be easier to carry around. (Besides, any excuse to purchase Eadric's pottery is a good excuse, so there.)

Nothing like Pennsic merchants to keep a lady's heart happy.

Then again, we are still wearing the Coronets so our time is not ours and planning is always exciting and full of surprises.

("Like a box of chocolates?")

("Shut up Forrest!")

("So who took the last one?")

("You too, Bullwinkle!")

But I do intend to have fun all the same . . .

Anywhoo, I need to go back to this report, which is kicking my butt.

Have a happy weekend y'all!

PS. And it's Harry Potter weekend! Wooo Hoooo!!!!!!!!!!