April 16th, 2007

Lucy Liu - Kill Bill

Night on the Town

Night on the Town has to be one of my favorite events, and this year it did not dissapoint.

For those who do not live in this area, NoTT is an event that is mostly dedicated to rapier, and that lends itself to all sorts of schtick. One of the particular attractions of NoTT is its melee scenarios, especially fighting in the woods. This year, the scenarios were dedicated to practicing our skills at completing tasks and keeping an eye on the objectives.

Ponte Alto counted with a nifty force of rapier fighters and an archer, and we were fighting on the side of the "insurgency." You see, every year the little town of Smeewick is invaded by brigands and defended by the local government. Last year, the brigands won. That meant that the "insurgency" was comprised by the outsted government, which is a lot of fun since it gives us all the chance to fight from last year's invading forces point of view.

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But it was not all lighting up fires and defending one's balls. The day was full of fun, fighting, and good company. At one point His Majesty, who was fighting alongside with us, drew a line on the dirt and started taking all comers. That was a real blast!

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But we did accomplish our objective, which won our side the scenario.

I have to say, this lying low in the woods, listening to the rustling of leaves and the sound of the wind, having all of your senses alert to the most minimal sound, is the most real experience I have ever had at a melee scenario.

Also, I am very proud of my unit. We were given a task, and we completed it.

Granted, it was not the most flashy task, nor the type of thing that will get anyone a Shark's Tooth any time soon. But it got us something better: It trained our people on the value of patience and the importance of following directives and keeping our eyes on the prize. And that was a valuable contribution to our side winning that scenario.

Who can ask for anything more?