March 20th, 2007

Kiki -  Stay Good!

Weekend, and Webpages

Weekend was awesome. I believe that this is the first weekend in months that I have the chance to really, really relax. And thanks to my sweetums, I even got to spend my day at the Spa on Sunday. Massage . . . facial . . . pedicure . . . ahhh, this is the life!

I also got the chance to work on my farthingale. This is a project that I have not given a deadline to. Neither have I given a deadline to the embroidered coif. The result is that I can now sit down in front of the TV and work on either until I am done.

No stress.

Hey, I even got the chance to update the Household webpage! Check the entries on the new members and the updated pictures for Magnus and Zada. More updates coming soon.

I have also decided to create a new section on my webpage dedicated to architecture. Yeah, I know it has has got nothing to do with costuming, but I have some nifty pictures of The Globe in London, as well as some churches and cathedrals in Paris that I believe would add a nice touch. So there.

Finally, I will be in Montreal next week. Leave on Sunday and return on Wednesday. It's on business, but I am hoping to have the chance of doing some sightseeing. Even if it is briefly. Any recommendations?

And that's all folks, I am going back to work.
Mona Ogg

Scrooge McDuck is a Guy's Guy

So we are standing in front of the counter at our local cafeteria and our female co-worker is ready to pay for her sandwich. She pulls out her purse and extracts a couple of bills and a bunch of change.

"What are you doing?" says our male co-worker, as she starts counting a pile of quarters, dimes and other coins.

"Getting rid of all this change," she says.

"Oh, my goodness!" he exclaims, horrified. "You are planning on paying for your sandwich with all those coins?"

"Of course!" she replies. "What else am I going to do with them?"

"I don't know" he says. "It's just that I think it's a lot of change."

"It's a girl thing," I tell him. "Just like hoarding coins in some obscure place in the home is a guy thing."

"It is not" he says. "Guys just don't carry change."

"Oh, but it is!" I reply. "The reason guys don't carry change is because the first thing they do as soon as they get home is to toss the change in the first convenient place they find. Tell me, what kind of guy are you? Bowl, box, tray, piggy bank or pickle jar?"

He looks at me sheepishly and mutters: "Tray . . ."

"See? It's a guy thing."

And that is one of the biggest differences between guys and girls. Ladies tend to spend the change. No point in having it sitting in your purse. If you are ever standing in line at the supermarket and it's taking forever because someone is counting change to pay for the groceries, chances are it's a girl.

On the other hand, if you enter a home and you stub your toe with a big, hunking pickle jar full of pennies, it's a dead giveaway that a guy lives there. And no, buying them a coin sorter is not going to solve the problem. Chances are they will fill the sorter with change and then move into another container to keep on hoarding change.

Don't even try to fight it.

It's a guy thing.

Do you remember Scrooge McDuck swimming in coins inside his money vault?

Do you think that he got all those coins by investing in the stock market?

Not very likely. I am positive that he just kept tossing coins in there until he could literally swim in them.

Scrooge McDuck. The ultimate guy's guy.

But if I were his wife, I would have had a pipeline installed from his vault into the next Coinstar, after which I would go to the supermarket and have fun holding the line while paying with pennies.

And then I would cackle maniacally.

Oh yes, yes I would.

What can I say?

A girl is entitled to dream . . .