March 1st, 2007

Death-Neil Gaiman

KASF, American Idol, and other Beasties

In regards to the current hoopla, all I have to say that I have reached my point of saturation. Presently, my favorite key is "Delete."

(Holy mackerel people. Surely we all have something better to do.)

At any rate, last night I finished the documentation for my cooking entry, prepared it, and refrigerated it. (The entry, not the documentation.) ballistabob says that this is the kind of thing that one can enjoy with vanilla ice cream. Yum!

Oh, and I burned more stuff on the stove for entry No. 4 (not the cooking entry). Laughing maniacally while watching stuff going up in flames is fun . . .

Tonight, I work on the documentation for said entry No. 4, as well as documentation for my performance piece. Then it is packing everything in order to hit the road on Friday.

Fencing practice? It will have to wait till next week, when all of my KASF panic has subsided. Of course, by then I will be in Costumer's Symposium panic and preparing my classes, but will I still have time for that and surely I can go back to my regularly scheduled programming.

(And some semblance of sanity.)

And speaking of regularly scheduled programming, that will mean that I can go back to obsessing about American Idol. I haven't even had the chance to vote this year! (Ohhhh, the pain!!!!) But I am extremely amused that the folks at Vote For the Worst, which have been endorsing Sundance, are now having second thoughts about that since the judges seem to be pimping him like crazy.

Maybe the judges are trying to mess up with Vote For the Worst for a change.

Needless to say, let's the fun begin!