January 5th, 2007


When Holidays Attack

My parents have been married for nearly 51 years.

If you take into account that they dated for another 5 years prior to their marriage, that means that they have been together for nearly 56 years.

Mom and Dad met at a traffic accident. How's that, you may ask? Well, my Dad had seen my Mom before and wanted to meet her. At the time, Mom was working at a bank, so my Dad found no better excuse to meet the girl of his dreams than rear-ending her car, strolling into the bank, and telling her, “Excuse me. Is that your car parked outside? I believe I just hit it.”

They have been arguing ever since.

These are two people who love each other dearly and who are incredibly devoted to each other but who, nonetheless, sound like Mr. and Mrs. Miracle Max from “The Princess Bride.” In fact, I would compare them to Punch and Judy, except that there are some significant differences between my parents and the aforementioned couple.

For one thing, Punch and Judy have a baby, while my parents do not, their babies having grown up long ago. Neither are my parents into the habit of throwing small babies down the stairs or hitting each other with the little guys or with anything else. Also, Punch and Judy have a small crocodile. My parents have to content themselves with a cranky Chihuahua and a slightly confused white poodle.
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