November 8th, 2006

Banana Dance

More Happy Dance!

Okay, I don't normally post stuff on politics on this journal, but today I must say this:

We took the House!

We may have taken the Virginia Senate!

*Happy dance* *Happy dance*

(In case you are wondering, yes, I am a card-carrying Democrat. Yay!)

On the other hand, we lost the same-sex marriage/civil unions issue in the State, although not by much.


And while I am on my soapbox, here is my take on the whole marriage issue. (This is a touchy subject and people have all sorts of opinions, but this is mine):

Marriage is a contract.

It is a contract between two consenting adults (or emancipated minors, or minors with parental consent).

In certain states the minimum age for marriage is 13, which baffles the mind, but that's neither here not there.

In some cultures, and throughout history, the contract may be between more than two consenting adults (but that's not the issue here).

There is nothing religious about marriage, unless you decided to have a religious ceremony and then it is between you and your Church.

Church and their beliefs have no business interfering with State contracts. Secular marriage is still a contract. (Remember the separation of State and Church?)

The aforementioned Church may consider marriage a sacrament or something to be sanctified. Again, that's between you and your Church. State has no business in there, and marriage as defined by the State is neither sacramental nor sanctified.

Some religions also consider marriage a contract and not a sacrament of something saintly.

If your Church forbids same-sex marriage, and you want to marry someone your own gender, then you would have to go through a secular marriage. Churches can prohibit anything they want within the scope of their own religion. It should only affect their flocks, not the rest of the population.

Attempting to define the gender of the two participants of a contract is discriminatory and unconstitutional.

Undermining the constitution to impose some people's religious values is extremely disturbing.

And I definitely have a problem with religion bleeding into secular law.

My two cents.

PS. Boy, am I going to get flamed!