August 22nd, 2006

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Okay, I am officially taking 5 minutes from the drawing board to post an abridged Pennsic recap.

Pennsic Highlights:

  • Carlos' Birthday party: Featuring a performance by our resident belly dancer, lots of friends, birthay cookie, instant Viking firepit (do not add water!), and Roaming Limbo Party (with kazoos!).

  • Rapier Town Battle: We rocked! Best moment? After the battle, when the Queen of the East approached a gaggle of fencers and asked us "Are you Atlantians? You rock!"

  • Atlantian 5 Man Tournament: Featuring ballistabob, bahtyoun, alricthemad, matthew_g and Yours Truly. We made it into the Semifinals, and we perfected the art of demolishing the other team in less than 30 seconds. (And a damned good team it was!) It also meant that we had to make it to Atlantian Court in true Atlantian fashion: Right from the list field, and without having time to even change into a clean shirt. Quite amusing.

  • azpapillion's Pearl.

  • Having matthew_g and much_ado at camp for dinner. They are awesome.

  • Shopping! Lots of linen, a new pair of really comfy ghilly shoes to wear with my nifty chiton (heck, even Carlos got a pair!), a new pair of boots in order, and lots of other goodies. Oh, and a really nice Sea Stag pin for ballistabob from White Swan.

  • Pennsic Choir: The Alle Psalliters do it again! I have a video recording of our performance (Dindirin), and I am just trying to figure out how to make it a smaller file so I can post it to my webpage.

  • Volgemut showing up at our Pennsic Choir performance.

  • New household member. Yarrrr!!!!!!!!!

  • Pirate Dice.

  • Spending time with my friends.

  • A really nice, overdue conversation with my son. I am so proud of him!

    And that's it for now. I will probably be elaborating more on our adventures, but for now I need to go back to the salt mines.

    I believe I hear the whip cracking . . .