July 11th, 2006

Coffee - Kill Bill

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First things first. Happy birthday shadowsong!

And now, for our regularly scheduled update:

Last night we had our very last Alle Psallite practice before we break for the summer. It was a good thing we did. Besides this Sunday's gig, most of us will be doing Pennsic Choir, so brushing up on those pieces before War is always a good thing. I was also nearly linched when I attempted to filk "Little Bunny Fu Fu" to the tune of "Mariam Matrem."

(Believe me, it fits!)

(Of course, it would sound better if we had included maracas, but nothing is perfect. What can I say?)

And of course, now I have the tune of Mariam Matrem stuck in my brain.


And now, some further notes on Storvik Novice Tourney:

It seems that as long as I show up to events wearing fencing duds, I will end up playing at the tourney, even if my plans had not included any fighting at all. Taking into account that I show up at events wearing fencing duds about 99% of the time, that means that I am up for some very brisk exercise every time.

No, it is not a complaint. It is simply a fact. I have concluded that I have the "two year old syndrome." By that I mean the little kid that is dead tired and cranky but refuses to nap because god knows she may be missing something interesting.

So yes, I ended up playing in the tournament and had loads of fun. Yay me!

(BTW, Dominyk, your boy Jason is a really fun fight. You and Dante have trained him well.)

I also made like 20 visits to Duchess Simone's fabric stall, which means that I helped other people spend their money. It also means that I purchased some nifty linen for myself too.

The funniest thing is that rheabecc, greta_k and myself purchased gobs of the same light blue linen for Pennsic camp garb. Rheabecc is planning on making a chiton with hers, Greta_k a t-tunic, and myself a peplos. It will be very amusing for the three of us to go out to the marketplace wearing our creations made from the same fabric.

Hooray for the Ponte Alto Blue Ladies' Batallion!

Last but not least, it was great to spend time with friends, and then going to the Malibu Grill to celebrate the Gnome's birthday.

And that's all for today.

Back to the salt mines.