June 23rd, 2006

Death-Neil Gaiman


It has been a good week.

I have also learned that you can have all sorts of fun with a 14" tv set with rabbit-ears antenna and no cable.

Yes, boys and girls, as I have mentioned before, we have been allowed to watch some of the World Cup (within reason) at work. The funniest thing is that in one of the other buildings, two very nice tv sets were installed so staff could swing by and catch some of the games.

The first one was at the cafeteria. Nice set, but the volume was set to "mute" so nobody would be distracted while people watch the game. WTF? No commentary? What's the point?

The second one was at the 8th floor, a huge state-of-the-art affair that is a dream for any soccer fan. The catch? You cannot bring any snacks or drinks. Oh, and you cannot scream either. Too distracting and it annoys the Big Bosses so you are expected just to sit down and watch in silence like good boys and girls.

Whoever heard of a soccer match without screaming?

Enter our building.

We are sort of out of the way which means that, although we got a break to catch some fubol, we did not get a tv set. In other words, sucks to be us.

Or it would have sucked if one of our colleagues would not have brought a tiny tv set from his home, with little rabbit-ears antenna. And of course, we get no cable.

And of course, people laughed at us when they saw our tv set.

They laughed even louder when we turned it on.

To say that the thing has more ghosts than a carnival house of horrors would be an understatement. I kid you not, I have seen no less than four "ghosts" per each player, and as many soccer balls in the game. The little thing also features random color bands that bleed all over the screen.

But we can have snacks when we watch it and, most importantly, we can scream "Gooooooolllll!!!!"

Life is good.

Tomorrow, Mexico is playing at 3 p.m.

You know the drill: Do not call me during the game unless your pants are on fire.

Have a good weekend y'all!

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