June 22nd, 2006

Death - Metal

E is for Evil

I am not very inspired today, so I will regale you with an update of the game of US vs. Ghana after the first half.

US = 1
Ghana = 2

Yes, it sucks. On the bright side, the US goal was an absolute thing of beauty. On the other hand, the player who scored proceeded to do the "Elaine" dance, proving once more that white men can't dance.

Also, the second goal by Ghana was a pentalty shot. I am sorry, but that was a bad call from the referee. Watching the replays, that play did not merit a penalty. It seems that poor USA has had very bad luck with refs this World Cup. First the Uruguayan dude which expelled two players and annuled a perfectly good goal, and now this.

Oh, well.

Let's see what happens in the second half, but I am not holding my breath.


Couple more things: Last night I was really exhausted and crashed at 9:30. Geoffrey, I didn't have time to work on your page. I'll probably do it during the weekend.

Rheabecc, I didn't copy the pattern. I can bring you mine tonight and you can keep it if you want. It's better than the one I gave you before, but I still wanted to fiddle a little more with it. If you want to wait till the weekend, I will have time to double-check that everything is correct.


Finally, it is good to be evil.

I feel so much better now.
Death-Neil Gaiman


After the second half, here is the score:

USA = 1
Ghana = 2

Goodbye USA team. You shall be missed.

Ghana, now you have to face Brazil baby.

And Mexico now will have to face Argentina.

Boy, this is going to suck.

Belfebe out.