May 17th, 2006

Death-Neil Gaiman


I love my XM Radio.

I really do.

XM Radio has the most fabulous stations, and I get to listen to music that I just can't get on regular frequencies. For one thing, there are no commercials. Well, except for those pimping other XM stations but those are few and far between so we won't talk about them.

At any rate, Squizz, one of the XM hard rock stations, served as a bonding factor between ballistabob, Carlos and myself during our weekend trip to Pennsylvania. It seems that we finally found some common ground in a radio station and we kept in on all the way over and all the way back.

So the family who listens to hard rock together stays together.

Or so it seems.

Yay XM!

But hard rock is not the only genre that one can find in the vast jungle of sounds that is XM Radio. Another favorite of mine is Fungus, the Punk radio station.

Punk is a genre that I have always liked, but that I have never listened too much to. One of the things that I like about Punk is that rolling combination of strings and drums. Yeah, I think that the best way for me to describe the sound of Punk is "rolling."

Nevertheless, by listening to an all Punk and Ska radio station, I have learned intriguing things about Punk. For one thing, did you know that there is Cow-Punk out there?

Yes boys and girls, if you like hardcore Country music and Punk, then Cow-Punk is for you! I made this startling discovery yesterday, as I was driving back from work. As usual, I tuned on my radio into Fungus, and much to my surprise a really funky Rockabilly song came up.

Startled, I double-checked my station. Had I tuned into a Country one instead? Nope. It was Fungus all right. A couple of minutes later, the DJ announced that this was "Hew-Haw Hell" the Cow-Punk afternoon show, so stay tuned guys!


Of particular note was a little gem called "Grandpa was an Alien." This Cow-Punk thing is like Johny Cash meets Rancid and I must say that it grows on you like . . . well . . . fungus.

And of course, after "Hew-Haw Hell" was over, a nice all-male group called the "Pansy Division" came up with a heartfelt rendition of a suggestive song called "He May Be the One." Since I don't think that they are referring to Neo or The Matrix, I do wish those boys the best of luck.

Maybe they could add some cows to it and try their luck at a mountain range.

Heck, it worked for the guys at Brokeback Mountain, and they didn't even have drums.

Me? I will be busy trying to find out if my grandpa was an alien.

That would certainly explain a lot.
Death-Neil Gaiman

Teens at Pennsic -- Garb

Hey everyone. As I have probably mentioned before, Carlos will be attending his first Pennsic this year (War Week only). This means that I will need to make him a bunch of garb.


Anywhoo, he does have a couple of pairs of Gypsy Peddler's breeches and a doublet, as well as some shirts. He will probably need a couple more shirts and, if time allows it, another doublet. Nevertheless, I was planning on making him some simple, early period mix-and match breeches and tops in linen, and a good woollen cloak. Maybe a hood if he's very lucky.

However, as everyone knows early period is not my thing. By that I don't mean that I don't like it, but simply that I am not that knowledgeable of it. Can someone point me to some easy-to-make garb for a growing teenager? Maybe some Norse of Viking? Anything? Buehler? Buehler?

It will be much appreciated.