May 15th, 2006

Death-Neil Gaiman

Zombie Gnomes!

Me, pointing at a garden gnome who looks suspiciously gray and has closed eyes and outstretched arms: "Holy cow, what is that?"

ballistabob "It is a zombie gnome."

Me: "Really? I didn't think that there were zombie gnomes out there . . ."

ballistabob "Yeah, only that instead of brains, they go for ankles."

ballistabob's Mom: "It is not a zombie gnome! It is my Sleepy the Dwarf!"

Me, ballistabob, and laughing_fox: "Zombie gnome!"

A pic of the infamous resident at ballistabob's Mom's garden shall be making an appearance in this journal soon, plus laughing_fox is currently working on an animated icon. Stay tuned.

Anyhow, we went to ballistabob's folks this weekend and Collapse )