January 30th, 2006

Death-Neil Gaiman

Back to the Drawing Board

Yesterday I mentioned that I was extremely thrilled about the doublet for the new French gown. I also mentioned that I intended to use the boned doublet over a corset. I tried this on, and the effect is out of this world.

It has also resulted in my not been able to breathe.

Taking into account that I intend to sing at the performer's competition at KASF, this is extremely bad newe. Especially since I have picked a particularly difficult Sephardic song.

Oh, no. My song does not involve high, soprano-like notes that I can't reach. But it does involve a lot of notes that go up and down constantly, with words that don't stop, and which leaves me out of breath even when practicing in a sports-bra and T-shirt. I tried doing the same thing in a double-corset and . . . well . . . something has to go.

I have tried the boned and laced doublet alone, and it fits marvelously. Sure, the "flat chest" effect of the double bodies is not as pronounced, but it looks close enough and, most importantly, does not impede my breathing as much as the other option. I think that I will bone it a little more and see how that goes.

At this point I am having visions of Rick Moranis in "Spaceballs," taking off the Darth Vader helmet and saying "I can't breathe in this thing!"

Like I said, something's gotta go. It will either be one double corset or the song.

I vote for the double corset.
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Death-Neil Gaiman

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