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Apparently, a lot of people like grapes. Who would have thunk?

Anywhoo, so I walk into the house last Thursday and ballistabob greets me with a kiss and says, "Your natural peanut butter is kind of oogey."

(In case you are wondering, "oogey" is a Ballistabob-ism. We are not sure where he got it from, how you spell it, or if it is even English. However, we have agreed that it conveys the idea that something is weird, stale, or simply icky.)

"What do you mean it's oogey?" I ask. "Has it gone bad?"

"I don't know," says Bob. "I made myself a sandwich, and it tastes funny. Like something is missing."

"Probably a lot of sugar, emulsifiers and the kind of random crap that they put in regular peanut butter," I say. "Which jar did you use? There are a couple of brands in the fridge."

"This one," says Bob, pulling a jar out of the fridge. "I'm telling you. Something is missing."

"Yeah," I say. "The peanuts."

"What do you mean it's missing peanuts?"

"What you're holding right now," I say, "is a jar of almond butter, not peanut butter."

"Oh," he says. "I didn't read the label."

"Okay," I say. "At least the worst you ate was the wrong kind of nut butter. It could have been worse. And you know that this will merit an LJ entry, don't you?"

"Yeah," he says. "But it's still oogie!"

And then he pouts. Man,he's adorable when he pouts.

(And this is why my youngest son says that our arguments are the lamest thing ever.)

So the moral of the story is always read your labels, unless you want to end up eating peanut butter without the peanuts.

And that is kind of oogey.

Belfebe out.
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