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Randomosity, Thanks, and a New Kind of Survey

Here is the random post for today:

Dancing with the Stars I would like to say WTF but in reality it was okay. So my Gilles and ballistabob's Melissa did not win, and the glittery disco ball went to Shawn and Mark. However, the quality of the dancing was awesome; the spirit of camaraderie between the three finalists was really endearing, and the difference between the winner (Shawn) and the runner up (Gilles), less than 1%. I think that it was the last free dance that did it for Shawn.

I can't wait for the next season. Wonder if they will cast Kendra in it. I'm sure she's the one Girl Next Door that can make it to the finals.

Websites So I updated the Fallen From Grace website again, and added alina_s's bio. She's the newest member of House FFG, and we're thrilled to have her. Go check it out!

Oh! And you may also notice that the left hand column has some nifty buttons that will display or hide the names of the household members, with links to their bios. This is all thanks to laughing_fox, who has been contributing to the enhancement of my uncommon hamster HTML skills. Thanks Laughing Fox!

I have also uploaded ballistabob's documentation on his period portable break-down cheesepress. It's verra nice, and I know that some folks wanted to see it. Have fun!

Last but not least, I have started the updating of my own website. No, it's not up yet. I am drafting the Valois dress info as a dress diary. I figured that it would take less time to do it that way, and I can do it in installments as opposed to wait till the whole enchilada is done. Knowing myself, I will try to write a treatise on each of the pieces, and it will take me even longer. I have opted to simply do it as a "I did this inspired on this gown" page for now, and then I can add more info later.

What do you think?

Poll #1403433 Valois Gown Entry on Website

What do you think it's best?

Enough already! Just post how you did it and get it over with! You can post articles later!
Wait till you have an integral document, with the full historical notes and the how-to
I like grapes
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