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DWTS Final Death Pool! With Bonus Survey!

Good gravy! Can you believe that just now I had a chance to have lunch?

What a day ...

At any rate, here's my final DWTS mini-review and Death Pool. And this time we have two of them! Last week it was about who would you like to see in the finals. This week is who do you think will actually be the final two (whether they are your favorites or not); and who do you think will win (not necessarily who do you want to win.)

And now, a quickie recap before rushing to another meeting.

  • Shawn and Mark = 58: I was not impressed by the paso, but the freestyle rocked. It was absolutely awesome! Gah! She may yet win this thing!

  • Melissa and Tony = 56: Paso was awesome. Freestyle was fun, but Shawn's routine was a hard act to follow. And why is it that everyone brings out Mel-B's paso outfit year after year?

  • Gilles and Cheryl = 58: Sexylicious. I licked the screen. You have all my votes!

    EDIT: I have deleted the survey and re-posted in a new entry, as it had a mistake. Keep going and you'll find it! :-)
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