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DWTS Weekly Death Pool

Good day to you, DWTS lovers and random readers!

As usual, here goes the mini-review of DTWS and the Weekly Death Pool survey!

  • Gilles and Cheryl: 60 = Gilles, you are still da man. Your and your booty shaking paid Lil' Kym's a worthy homage. You had all women (and probably some guys too), totally swooning. All my votes went to you last night. I don't care who you square up against next week, but I want to see you in the finals. Cheesy? Yes! But if that's the case, bring out the fromage!

  • Shawn and Mark: 56 = Shawn, you have been growing on me. Like fungus. That Argentine tango was amazing, although your jive was worthy of a deranged Minnie Mouse, especially with that trippy polka dot dress. (And the shoes! Ohhhh, those black and white shoes! My eyes!!!!!!!) Rock on and bring out those mouse ears!

  • Melissa and Tony: 55 = Oh, Melissa! So pretty! But I fear for you. Normally, I would not be worried, but there has been a tendency for second-to-last people to succumb to the Mighty Ty. No worries! ballistabob gave you all his votes. He thinks you are hot, and he wants to see you in the finals. Hang in there girl!

  • Ty and Chelsie: 48 = Oh, Ty. You are more resilient than a cockroach in steroids. That, and I think that all of Texas is voting for you, including the cows. You have to be the most adorable dancer of all, and all the women (and some guys) want to have your babies. Normally, I would be predicting your departure. However, I probably won't. Under normal circumstances you would have been gone two weeks ago. Yet, you have proved even the Vegas oddsmakers wrong, and keep coming back every week like the cat in Pet Cemetery. You are a big questionmark for me today. Dance on sexy cowboy!

  • So, who do you think is going home tonight? Clicky on the survey, and we'll see who got it right tomorrow!

    Poll #1398701 Weekly DWTS Death Pool

    Who do you think is going home tonight?

    Gilles and Cheryl
    Shawn and Mark
    Melissa and Tony
    Ty and Chelsie


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    May. 12th, 2009 06:59 pm (UTC)
    Den and I have been heartily wishing for the exit of Ty for weeks now, however I fear he has the same type of fan base as Marie Osmond did, and he will end up in the finals.
    May. 12th, 2009 07:06 pm (UTC)
    It would not surprise me one tiny bit. The man is unstoppable!
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