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Say It Ain't So!

Lil Kim! I can't believe you are gone from DWTS!

I had the horrible feeling that this would happen, but was hoping it wouldn't.

I can tell you this much. The finals will not be the same without you.

And now, a moment of silence for the gansta girl who, in the wise words of the awesome ladycaviar, could be a worthy successor to Josephine Baker.


Okay, we're back. At this point, it would not surprise me one bit that the finals would be between Ty and Shawn. Stranger things have happened.

At any rate, here's a new survey. And no, it's not a Death Pool. It's a survey on who would you like to see in the finals (not necessarily who you think will actually make it). And lo and behold! You can click on two names!

So go ahead! We may not have my Rapper Girl, but we can lose productivity in silly games like this like nobody's business!

Poll #1395904 DWTS Finals Survey

Who would you like to see in the finals? Check two!

Gilles and Cheryl
Ty and Chelsie
Shawn and Mark
Melissa and Tony


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May. 8th, 2009 04:53 am (UTC)
OMG, thank you!

I was as stunned as the audience. Did you see the look on Ty and Chelsie's faces? Not only did they expect to go, they didn't understand why they didn't. Weird.

I was yelling at the TV "you show them! Go become a dance star! Hah!" as if any crazy lady yelling at a TV has ever changed anything in history.

Hey, you never know.
May. 8th, 2009 02:29 pm (UTC)
I know! I almost felt sorry for Ty and Chelsie. They looked stunned.

On the bright side, I believe that Lil' Kim has picked up a solid fanbase. After doing time in prison and whatnot, her career was kind of iffy. I am sure that she's got a real boost after DWTS. We will see a lot of her from now on. Yay!
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