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Weekly DWTS Death Pool

After yesterday's marathon meeting, watching DWTS was a welcome respite.

Thank goodness for reality tv and tawdry fashion!

At any rate here's the mini-review and the weekly Death Pool:

Melissa and Tony: 57 = She looked ethereal in a Barbie doll sort of way. I would like to see her and Papa Bear Tony in the finals.

Gilles and Cheryl: 56 = Somehow, the judges were not having it with him last night. So okay, the cheese factor in his solo dancing in the rumba was, well, cheesy. Then again, isn't DWTS all about the cheese? C'mon people! Lay off the crumpets and give the man a break!

Shawn and Mark: 56 = They are exceedingly cute, but I still have to buy it with them. Their dances were very good, but I would not cry if they don't make it to the finals.

Lil' Kim and Derek: 52 = Go gangsta girl! Go! She's my favorite. I also think that her marks were too low. Is Len trying to get rid of her? I'd hate to see her go. I want her to win the competition. You go girl!

Ty and Chelsie: 46 = Oh, Ty! I crided for you! Your Argentine tango was absolutely adorable in a stompy sort of way. I actually liked it. As for your rumba, I haven't cringed this bad since the Woz did his infamous worm dance. But I do hope that your slow "lap" dance solo for your wife paid dividends for you last night. (And you look weirdly ravishing in a leopard print bath robe. Just sayin'.)

So who do you think will go home tonight? Here's your weekly survey. Have fun and we'll see who got it right in the morning!

Poll #1395238 Weekly DWTS Death Pool

Who will be booted off tonight?

Ty and Chelsie
Lil' Kim and Derek
Team Shark (Shawn and Mark)
Melissa and Tony
Gilles and Cheryl
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