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Monday DWTS Death Pool and Flash Recap

Good morning.

As usual, here is the mini-recap on DWTS, along with scores and the usual Death Pool:

  • Melissa and Tony: 29 = Awesome tango. I loved all the footwork. Technically, possibly better than Lil' Kym's tango a couple of weeks ago, but the latter still remains my fave. Stunning nonetheless.

  • Shawn and Mark: 28 = They really have good chemistry going and the teamwork shows. Plus Shawn is really learning how to get into the part while remaining fresh and appropriate. Me like.

  • Chuck and Julianne: 27 = I just can't warm up to Chuck, but he did a credible job this time. I still think he was dancing in his fucsia pajamas, and trying to imitate Gilles in his red shirt. Chuck, you are not Gilles. Thankfully, no shirts were removed. A solid performance, but I think that a 27 was a bit high for what it was.

  • Gilles and Cheryl: 27 = Dude could dance a polka in a striped tutu and make it look cool. I loved the pre-dancing segment where he showed up at the pool in a 1900's manly swimsuit and haircap. (He still looked hot.) It was a beautiful waltz. A bit too "strong" for it, but I still don't think that it deserved to be marked the same as Chuck and Julianne's. Gille and Cheryl's dance was way better. Oh, well.

  • Lil' Kim and Derek: 26 = Note to Derek: You cannot try to take the raunch out of Lil' Kym. In Bruno's words, it would be like a Margarita with no tequila. It was still a very hot rumba, but please let her do her thing next time. Agreed?

  • Ty and Chelsie: 24 = Oh, Ty! You have guns under all that clothing! No, you didn't show them during your absolutely adorable waltz. You did that during the group 60's dance. Gotta say, it was impressive! And this week you redeemed yourself with that waltz. I do hope you survive to dance next week. Hubba, hubba!

  • Lawrence and Edyta: 21 = Not bad. Not bad at all. But I think you're not enjoying this and we should put you out of your misery so you can go back to playing golf. (But man, Edyta looked lovely even if her dress was trying to kill her.)

    So yes, boys and girls, as the list shrinks, attempting to predict who is going home becomes more tricky. Personally, I would like to see Chuck go home, but that's not very likely to happen yet. I would like Ty to stay a little longer, but the odds don't look very promising. I think LT should go home, but stranger things have happened and he may yet live to dance another week.

    So, who do you think is going home? Here's your weekly survey, and let's see who's got it right at the end of the day.

    Poll #1387376 DWTS Monday Death Pool

    Who do you think is going home this week?

    Lawrence and Edyta
    Ty and Chelsie
    Chuck and Julianne
    Shawn and Mark
    Lil' Kim and Derek
    Gilles and Cheryl
    Melissa and Tony
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