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DWTS Weekly Death Pool(TM)

Like last week, here is my quickie recap of Dancing with the Stars:

Lil' Kim and Derek: 28 = Smokin!!! Lil' Kim and Jailhouse Rock? So wrong and yet so right! Len doesn't like you, but keep givin'em hell, girlfriend!!!

Melissa and Tony: 27 = Precise, but not with a lot of soul. You know you can do better.

Gilles and Cheryl: 26 = Frantic? Did anyone say frantic? I'll show you frantic! Dude, you're sexy even when you're impersonating Rocky the Squirrel! Yum . . .

Shawn and Mark: 26 = It was probably the most beautiful dance of the night. I am warming up to you guys.

Chuck and Julianne: 23 = Still barf. Dude, you said you were afraid that people would think that there was no chemistry between you and your lady love. That's because there's none. Bet Helio Castroneves never had to worry about such things. Oh, well.

Lawrence and Edyta: 22 = Lady Legwarmers was fabulous, and you even cracked a smile or two. But you still have all the musicality of a lawn chair.

Ty and Chelsie: 18 = Oh, Ty! Why, oh, why do you have to dance like Holly Madison? You looked adorable in your Garth Brooks outfit, but you still could not move. I will weep when you go. *Sniff*

Steve-O and Lacey: 16 = It was oddly mesmerazing, said Carry Ann. Like a trainwreck, said I. I am not sure you will survive tonight, but you sure are trying. And why was Lacey in her underwear, pray tell? I don't think even her in her lace panties will save you. Then again, Len gave you a 4 in the hopes that you get booted out. That will probably ensure that your fans will vote like crazy. Let's see what comes out of that.

Sooooo, boys and girls, here's the next survey in the fascinating series "As the Sequins Turn"!

Have fun!
Poll #1383563 DWTS Weekly Death Pool

How long do you think Steve-O will last?

He'll be booted off today
Till next week
Two weeks
Three weeks
All the way to the finals baby!

Who do you think will be booted tonight?

Steve-O and Lacey
Ty and Chelsie
Lawrence and Edyta
Chuck and Julianne


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Apr. 14th, 2009 08:17 pm (UTC)
I threw most of my votes to Gilles last night, with one going to Lawrence just because I liked his groove. If I had seen him dancing in a club or bar like that, I would have thought he was the bomb.
Apr. 14th, 2009 09:16 pm (UTC)
Gilles is so sexy he makes my teeth sweat. Lawrence would be great in a bar. You're right. He'd be a lot of fun.
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