belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Good News Pinky! We're taking over the world after all!

I have not been posting much due to loads of work and a busted finger. But today I have good news.

The good news started as bad news. I went to my orthopod for the 10 day checkup on my finger and, after looking at the new X-Rays, she told me that she wasn't happy with the way the bone was healing and referred me to the hand surgeon for possible surgery.

This, of course, did nothing to lift my spirits or improve my mood. The good news is, the surgeon had an opening for an appointment this afternoon and I made it there on time.

The surgeon ended up being a really cool guy. After taking more X-rays, and getting incredibly amused at the story behind the fracture, he told me that I would not need surgery after all. In fact, he gave me a new and improved splint -- a kind of plastic finger that slides on top of my real finger and immobilizes it -- and told me to come back in four weeks. According to him, at that time, if everything goes okay, we will take the splint off and begin physical therapy. This means one less week than originally planned. Hooray!

My new splint is very cool. It can also get wet, and it gives me a lot more flexibility. Moreover, the doctor told me that I could definitely continue with my fitness program and work around the injury. I have the suspicion that the doctor himself is also a gym rat. Gotta love that!

Fencing? Right now, not so much. But the fact that I can continue working out is very encouraging. And four weeks go by really fast.

And now, can I take a nap? All this running around has left me exhausted.
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