belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Wednesday Morning


And if you were expecting a deep and meaningful entry from me today, come back later cuz' this is not it.

Instead, I shall use my currently limited typing skillz to talk about this week's winners of the Belfebe's Readers Dancing with the Stars Death Pool.

Soooo, this week's winners of the Weeklky DWTS Death Pool(TM) are
Yours Truly and etienetteblue, who correctly guessed that David Alan Grier and Kym Johnson would be sent packing.

I will deduct a point from me though since I incorrectly identified Kym as Lady Legwarmers. That would be Edyta, who will have to suffer Lawrence Taylor for at least one more week.

Here's to you, Lady Legwarmers, and to your infinite patience with a guy that would much prefer to be playing golf -- or giving lap dances to his NFL buddies -- than prancing around in a sequined outfit.

His loss.

And speaking of Lawrence and Edyta, Honorable mention goes to janinas_nest, ballistabob and lisette_1528, who predicted that they would leave this week. Although NFL Guy and Lady Legwarmers survived this week, they were in the bottom two.

Oh, so close!

Anywhoo, I do hope that the producers do away with the stupid dance off, and bring back the comedy skits and the Judges' Choice dance. It's a lot more fun.

Last but not least, Etta James' performance rocked, Demi Lovato's sucked, Karina and Mack's smoked, and the guys in the red flowing satin thingies were da bomb.

(Okay, that last one didn't rhymed, but they were still hawt.)

And with this, I shall end my totally shallow entry and get back to work.

Hang in there and enjoy the beautiful spring day!
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