belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

French Gowns of Insanity and Three Musketeers

So I am staying home today. Yeah, spring is in the air and so is pollen. The advantage is, I can have some time to myself so I can work on my projects.

Corded petticoat works for French Gown of Insanity have resumed. After revisiting Alcega, making lots of notes, and looking at other people's pages to see what they've done, I finally got what I needed and -- gasp -- I have started cutting the sucker.

First of all, the materials: I remembered I have some very nice silk broadcloth that was languishing in my sewing room. I believe that I had purchased it at the time to make a petticoat, but never got around to doing anything with it. It so happens that the fabric is 44" wide, which split in the middle gives me the 22" width that Alcega used for his calculations. As for the length, I have enough and even more to spare. Yay me!

Now I am faced with the prospect of, what do I do for cording? Here are my options:

1. Twisted linen strips: Perfectly period and will probably give me the softness I need. The only problem I see with it is that it may end up making my petticoat too heavy. (Have you noticed how linen can increase the weight of any garment?)

2. Hemp cording: This is probably my best bet, next to the twisted linen strips. I will go pick up some of the heavier weight at my local Beadazzled. I noticed that they carry it there.

3. Cotton cord: If all of the above does not work, I may pick up some heavy cotton cord and take it from there.

4. Wire cord: I know that Jen Thompson made hers with this. According to her, you can pick it up at the hardware store, it is flexible like other period cords and it is very light and comfortable. That may be my next option if nothing else works. In fact, that might have probably been my first option if it were not by the fact that I want to use period materials as much as I can.

5. Willow, artificial whalebone and other period or imitation period rigid materials: I don't think I want to do this. My Italian inspired skirt would probably not have been that rigid, I may end up with a nifty farthingale, but the perfectly wrong silouette.

So the soap opera continues . . .

And speaking of soap operas, yesterday I had the chance to watch some of Disney's "Tree Musketeers." I do hope that I was not much of a pain in the butt to my husband and child, but it drives me up the wall how they change the story to suit "political correctness." Sigh. This stems from the fact that Dumas' Three Musketeers was my Bible when I was growing up. There was a time in which I could quote any given dialoge in any given page.

The truth be said, Hollywood never has been -- and never will be -- able to do any justice to the Three Musketeers. The morals of the story, and the story itself, cannot be told with impunity in this day and age. I shall insist in that the only media that may be able to to portray this story as it was, may be anime.

Heck, there is a reason why some of the best anime today happens to be French.

Although I must say that Oliver Platt made a terrific Porthos. Probably the only one character that they portrayed correctly.

Belfebe out.

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