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Your Weekly DTWS Death Pool


Due to a really busy day and still trying to type with a finger in a splint, I shall give you an abridged review of last night's DWTS performances, followed by the Weekly DWTS Death Pool (TM).

Here goes,

Gilles and Cheryl: 29 = Hot. Still hot. Thank you for taking your shirt off, Oh, delicious naked Frenchman!

Lil' Kim and Derek: 26 = Give 'em hell, gangsta girl. You rocked last night!

Shawn and Mark: 26 = That was pretty. And Mark, keep that 5 o'clock shadow. It's hot.

Melissa and Tony: 25 = You were awesome, no matter what Len says. But it would have looked better without that shiteous music.

Chuck and Julianne: 23 = Dear Chuck, I do hope that you're a better lover than a dancer. By this time, Julianne and Elio were setting the dance floor on fire. For that matter, so did Julianne and Apollo. It is sad, really.

David Alan Grier and Kym: 22 = It would help if there was any chemistry between you and Kym. You're trying hard, but I think you're going home sooner rather than later.

Ty and Chelsie: 21 = Oh, Ty. I crided for you. But I still find you adorably hot, even with your shirt on. But please don't pull another Holly Madison. That would make us really sad.

Lawrence and Edyta: 20 = Dear Lawrence, I don't think that you are that musical. Really. Not even Lady Legwarmers will be able to save you in the long run. TTFN, Me

Steve-O and Lacey: 18 = I never thought that the adjectives "adorable," "sweet," and "endearing" could be applied to Steve-O. He still dances with two left feet, but he was more enjoyable to watch than some of the usual suspects.

So, who do you think is going home tonight? Here's your Death Pool courtesy of your Friendly Neighborhood Belfebe. Have fun!

Poll #1379602 DWTS Weekly Death Pool

Who do you think will go home this week?

Chuck and Julianne
David Alan Grier and Kym
Ty and Chelsie
Lawrence and Edyta
Steve-O and Lacey
Tags: dancing with the stars, humor

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