belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

And the X-Ray says . . .

It's a fracture.

Yup, a type of fracture called "bony mallet fracture." My Orthopod says that I was lucky enough that the bend was not deeper, so I did avoid surgery. But now my finger is in a splint and I cannot fence for 6 weeks.

Yeah, I asked about doing it one handed, and she said no. Plus there is no way I can get the splinted finger in a glove anyway. And yes, I have given thought to other solutions such as a hockey glove, but I will prefer to wait till my next appointment (ten days) before I attempt to cheat.

Honestly, I prefer to give this time to heal correctly rather than having to deal with this crap for months or years. In the meantime, I can practice my basics and do drills. I can do buckler drills any day of the week. That will have to do.

Fortunately, I have an appointment with my trainer tomorrow for assesment. We can discuss how we can adapt my fitness program to my not being very handy with the left hand. Particularly when lifting with free weights. I am sure we can figure out a alternate moves so I can continue with my program.

I had plans of writing something very amusing on DWTS, but typing with a finger in a splint is a pain in the ass. Therefore, I leave you with the poll of the week. Who do you think is leaving tonight? It's a double elim, but LJ only allows me to pick one box. It will be entertaining anyway.

Belfebe out.

Poll #1375681 DWTS Booting Pool

Who do you think will be booted off tonight from DWTS?

David Alan Grier and Kym
Lawrence Taylor and Edyta
Holly Madison and Dmitry
Steve-O and Lacey
Steve Wozniak and Karina
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