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This is a short entry. It is hard - and painful - to type with a dislocated or broken finger.

(Got orthopod appointment tomorrow.)

Weekend was productive. Defending the Gate was a blast, especially with the zombie scenario. Later on, our team, comprised by Marcellus, Alric and Yours Truly, won the 3 Men melee tourney. Yay us!

Only drawback, injured middle finger while fighting that morning at DtG. I was one of the two fingers I got sprained last November at the Paris airport and that never completely healed. (And of course, pain has never been an excuse to cease fighting, so there.)

My finger is currently a lovely shade of purple and, while the actual finger is pointing left, the tip is pointing right, it's all bent and refuses to go back to straight position.

Oh, and it hurts like a b!*ch.

Guess it'll be fencing one armed this Thursday.

But it was a lot of fun, so it was all worth it.

And now, back to the salt mines.
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