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Of Horses (of the Trojan variety), Cats, and DWTS

So I stayed at work longer than usual last night, and never made it to Alle Psallite.


Oh, well, there is always next week, and there are always the MIDIs.

Here's to hope.

The Trojan horse that attacked my laptop a couple of days ago is now dead as a doornail thanks to AVG antivirus and ballistabob. I can now resume my reign of terror and continue updating both the FFG page and mine.

As for the Trojan horse, this is all I have to say: Die Trojan horse! Die! You and the human who rode you, die both!


In other news, for those of you Project Runway enthusiasts, in case you haven't heard, last season's contestant, Henley, was arrested for assaulting her boyfriend with . . . a cat. A laptop, three apples and a glass of water were also involved.

Hey, at least no one can accuse her of not being original. But seriously, who throws a cat?

(Thankfully, the cat she used was not my fluffly little Scandal. That would have been the equivalent of assault with a deadly weapon.)

Moving on.

Dancing with the Stars never fails to entertain. I must say, I have gotten smitten with both Gilles (Naked Neighbor from Sex and the City), and Ty (Jewel's rodeo cowboy husband). Gilles is so hot he makes my teeth sweat. Ty is so sweet, it makes you want to have his babies.

Oh, and Holly is still in the game. Although in the bottom two with Denise Richards, her fans kept her in the game.

I am thoroughly amused because some reviewers said that it was Holly's reality stardom status that kept her in. Wait a second! Doesn't Denise have also a reality show? Nah, sweetie. It was the war of the reality gals, and the most popular won.

Go Holly, go! You can't dance to save your life, but we will keep you in! Bring back the huge shorts and the long socks! You know you can do it!

Anywhoo, here's my take on all the remaining couples:

David Alan Grier & Kym Johnson = I think he's been underrated. He's really trying, but I am not sure that he'll make it all the way.

Shawn Johnson & Mark Ballas = Cute kid. Reminds me of Cheetah girl. Olympic gymnast. She'll go far, but I think that there is something missing. Perhaps it's the fact that she's only seventeen, and totally wholesome. However, I think she'll make it to the finals or semifinals.

Lil' Kim & Derek Hough = Dude, anyone who dedicates her first dance to her girls at the Federal Penitentiary is my kind of girl. Plus, did you notice last night that she resembled one of those Hawaiian bobble dolls that you put on your dashboard and shakes her booty? And she can dance! You go gansta girl!

Holly Madison & Dmitry Chaplin = Oh, Holly. I crided for you. You can't dance and you have all the grace of a newborn horse. On top of that, your partner is really new and hasn't really pushed you that far. But I have hopes that you may be able to make it for a week or two more. Bring back that fringe and keep making the judges cringe!

Gilles Marini & Cheryl Burke = Help me Naked Neighbor! You're my only hope! Man, he and Cheryl are hot, sizzling, and really can dance. I hope they make it to the finals.

Ty Murray & Chelsie Hightower = Shy, sweet, and hardworking. What's not to like? Can I keep him? Please? Really, I can see why Jewel married him. I don't think he'll make it to the finals, but maybe he'll make it far. He's adorable and one can hope that he'll hang around for a while more. We shall see.

Steve-O Jackass & Lacey Schwimmer = I have never been a fan of Steve-O or of the Jackass series. However, I do love a tale of redemption, and the man has been working very hard on his rehab, his mental problems, and his dancing. I am not sure if his body will take much more of this competition, but watching him makes my heart sing.

Melissa Rycroft & Tony Dovolani = You go girl! The Bachelor may have been an idiot and humiliated you on public television, but in the end he did you a favor. And you can dance! I sooooo, want to see her in the finals! And it was about bloody time that poor Tony Dovolani got a worthy partner. He's an awesome teacher and it shows. Plus he looks good without his shirt on.

Lawrence Taylor & Edyta Śliwińska = After Emitt Smith, the powers-that-be have kept trying to bring the magic back. Lawrence Taylor is not Emitt Smith, but he can certainly dance and I can see him go far. Plus he has Lady Legwarmers on his side, who is a fan favorite. He's not exactly my cup of tea, but I can see him improving over time.

Chuck Wicks & Julianne Hough = Barf. All I have to say is that there was a lot more sexual tension between Julianne and Helio Castroneves than Julianne and Chuck Wicks. And they're supposed to be dating. They are cute together, but they have all the sex appeal of Ken and Barbie. And Ken has never been accused of having oodles of sex appeal (except by G.I. Joe who has been dating him on and off over the decades). They will stick around because of Julianne's fans, but they leave me cold.

Steve Wozniak & Karina Smirnoff = I love Steve Wozniak. He's such an adorable geek! And the judges want him gone so bad it's not even funny! I predict that he'll be this season's Chloris Lechman, only less creepy. Won't be able to get rid of him until the cows come home. (And the way things are going, it would not surprise me that cows make it into his act. Oh, wait! There is always the paso and that always involve bovines!)

So what do you think boys and girls? How long do you think that Steve Wozniak has in DWTS? We did it last season with Chloris, so here's the survey for you!:

Poll #1371759 Wozniak Madness!

How long do you think Steve Wozniak will hang on at DWTS?

He'll be booted out next week
2 weeks
3-4 weeks
All the way to the finals baby!
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