belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Randomosity on a Monday

Hmmmm, it's a crisp and lovely Monday. They don't come like that every day.

Anywhoo, for economy of time, I shall go and post in bullets:


  • Asthanga yoga rules. After the less than stellar experience with the Bickram yoga last week, I was ready for a 90 minute session of non-stop kickass moves in a different type of environment -- preferably one that does not involve a room heated at 105F degress and 40% humidity.

  • I must be doing better as 25% of the class cried uncle and left at minute 60, whereas I just kept going until the bitter end. (Well the end wasn't bitter -- it involved chanting a lot of Ommmm -- but who am I to mess with such a poetic sentence?)

  • Although I am still balance and flexibility challenged, those moves that required sheer core strenght, I ruled.

  • I was able to do a half head-stance. Scary, yet fun.

  • I have been told since that the whole idea behind Bickram yoga is that the heat will detoxify your body, hence the making you sick. Next time, if I want to detoxify my body, the process will involve some time in the sauna, followed by a massage by a (hopefully) strapping young man named Sven or Giulio or something like that, and a glass of ice tea with a paper umbrella on it. It beats those harrowing 90 minutes in the heat followed by 24 hours of feeling nauseous.

  • Did I mention that Asthanga (non-heated) yoga rules?


    The pirategirleee and I made it to the museum last Sunday since it was the last day of the Pompeii exhibit. Here are the highlights:

  • We got our picture taken with McGruff the dog while walking through the Mall in our way to the NGA. (Pictures coming soon).

  • Roman ladies from Pompeii had impeccable taste. Must make me a Roman ensemble in mint green and pink, or acid yellow and light purple.

  • Going "retro" was really "in" at the time. It was very interesting to see those figures with the hieratic Ionic smile, but that were not in the usual Ionic poses. That's because they were not Greek, but Roman "interpretations" in the style of vintage Greek. The older the better, hence Ionic styles. Some folks even tried to sell contemporary art for vintage art. (Sounds familiar?)

  • I have always wondered how the heck do you take a mural out of a wall and transport it to places such as museums and random exhibits. (I've been wondering about this for years.)

  • In addition to the Pompeii exhibit, we got to visit the Small French Paintings exhibit (yay impressionists!), and the Heaven on Earth exhibit (yay Medieval manuscripts!)

  • We walked and yakked so much that we got out at the wrong Metro station, much to my long suffering husband's chagrin. (But he was awesome about it and picked us up anyway.)


    Last but not least, we came home to discovered that my sweetie had spend all day long building the bookcase-mantelpiece combo for the fireplace that I wanted. I am such a lucky gal!

    And now, back to the salt mines.
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