belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Goodbye Little Kevin

Ahhhh Little Kevin, we hardly knew ya.

Yes, Little Kevin Covais from American Idol was sent home last night. This in spite of the fact that he had been adopted by the website Vote For the Worst. I am a little saddened, but not surprised. The kid was cute in a nerdy sort of way and a good sport. I only wish that the one sent home was the dumb chick, Kelley Pickler. But worry not, she is the newest adoptee of Vote For the Worst, so one can only hope.

Not surprisingly, the bottom three were Kevin, Lisa and Bucky. I would like to put money that the next one to go is Bucky, but I would not count on it. In past incarnations of AI, some yahoos that should have been sent home early on, have managed to creep all the way to the top five before they take the fall. But stranger things have happened . . .

On the other hand, we are finally getting DVR, which means that I won't have to miss any AI shows in case of emergency. Yay!

But I still won't pick up the phone on a Tuesday evening unless somebody's pants are on fire.

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